sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

{from the kitchen this past week}

kind of chocolate-y whoopie pies with a yummy mascarpone&raspberry jam filling.

a cock-a-leekie inspired soup, with chicken, leeks, carrots, onion and chineese pasta.

and this wonderfully yummy comfort food. i love baked eggs and as soon as i saw this at one of my favorite foodie blogs, i had to try something simillar. it was creamy and super tasty. i used olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of the ramequin, added bits of bread, 2 eggs, some lovely rosted pumpkin, bits of cheese (use a flavourful cheese) and sprinkled some salt, pepper and oregano. put in the oven and patiently wait for a yummy meal. :) 

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Amanda disse...

Oh wow, that does look like comfort food! I am wanting some roasted pumpkin, soon!