domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

on things-in-jars still...

i might just start a series... things-to-keep-in-jars. here are two more.

just peel some garlics, wash and dry them. then toss them in a clean and dry jar and cover with olive oil. this is a great way to conserve your garlic for longer and you end up with a really fragrant olive oil. you can also add some dried herbs, like oregano, for instance. if it's too hot, you can put the jar in the fridge, taking in account that the olive oil will become solid. that's no problem. 

good old apple sauce to have as is or with yogurt and some cereal or even in cake recipes and such.

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Amanda disse...

That's a great idea for garlic! I use SO much garlic, and am always scrambling to peel it in a hurry.

Where do you get all your cute jars?

zarah disse...

yeah, you do it all in one sitting when you have some spare time and then just enjoy :)
i save a lot of jars from other products, like jams or olives or wahtever. the ones holding the lemon curd were bought really cheap :D

Amanda disse...

Well, you're an amazing cook AND photographer. :0)

zarah disse...

that's so sweet of you to say, Manda :)
you'll have to come over for a meal! ahahah!

i think some tricks are to feel excited about little things, using good light and creating stories or little sets for your photos. :)

Anónimo disse...


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